Q. How long does MicroSpot last?

A. Depends on frequency of usage and level of dirt, anywhere between 3 & 6 months.


Q: Can I clean my other electronic devices with a Micro Spot?

A: Yes, Micro Spot is safe and efficient to use on different small LCD or touch screens such as PDA’s, MP3’s, notebooks, digital cameras, game consoles, GPS, etc.


Q: Can I wash it?

A: You can wash the Micro Spot under running water using a mild soap , remove excess water with a paper towel then stick it back onto the back of your mobile phone. A couple of hours are required for the Micro Spot to dry before using again.


Q: What colors are available?

A: Any pantone color your logo requires can be used to be printed on both the Micro Spot and a custom card.


Q: What sizes are available?

A: The standard size is for the Micro Spot patch 1’’ x 1’’. Customs sizes and shapes are available upon request.


Q: How are they packaged?

A: Each Micro Spot is packaged on a card and individually placed in cellophane bags ready for give aways.